I’ve been waiting for the Wonder Girls to come back with a Korean album for a long time now because the K-Pop scene was less lively without the girl group that contributed one of the biggest highlights in recent K-Pop history: Debuting in America with a single breaking into the US Billboard Hot 100.

Wonder Girls have been one of my most favorite Korean girl groups, and that is because of their solidity with their releases. All their singles are so good, and their albums never fail to impress me even for just a little bit. Now that they are back with their 2nd full Korean album (I hope the news circulating are true), I’m pretty sure these girls won’t let me down because from watching the teaser itself, I was so impressed with the new style they have for their comeback!

What I am seriously hoping for right now is that the arrangement found in this teaser can be retained in the title track itself. Since JYP Entertainment uses “Album Intros” as the teaser audio for the fans, I don’t want another case “Nobody”. Yes, believe it or not, I was disappointed when I first heard Nobody, the song that made the girls so huge way back in 2008.

In the teaser for “Nobody”, an orchestral arrangement surprised me in a way that made me more excited because I thought that the song was going to build up to a more exciting arrangement. When the track was released, I was sort of disappointed that it was a dance song. But I immediately got over it and I actually loved it after a few days.

But anyway, regarding “Right Now”, I don’t want the title track to be less fierce and less spicy than the ones released with the teaser. I hope that an electric and sort-of aggressive arrangement title track gets released because I was kind of tired with the concept the girls have shown us through “2 Different Tears”.

Regarding JYP Ent. & the Wonder Girls’ question ‘R U READY?’, Here’s my reply:



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  1. I loved this comeback but I feel like there should have been an MV for Me, In. You haven’t written a post in a while D: Will you write any more soon?

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