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Digital Single Review
Jewelry – Pass

Pass is Jewelry’s 5th digital single. It was released on May 16, 2011.

01. Pass
02. Pass (Inst.)

When I first heard Pass, I immediately remembered Rainbow‘s single, A. I don’t know why, but I really think they sound alike, arrangement-wise. The strong, progressive beats and the synths sounded like they were created by the same production team that did A. I don’t know if the producers were the same since that fact, I still have to look up but nevertheless, I can say that Pass is one catchy and amazing song, which is better than their previous single, Back It Up. It is pretty strong since there are heavy beats in the arrangement, but that helps make the song more livelier. Especially when you combine it with the pretty catchy melody and very infectious lines, you’ll hear something that’s very cool. Although, when you listen to it repetitively, it easily gets old, and you might even easily get tired with it. I don’t know if that’s just me, but really, other than that, Pass is one strong and amazing track.

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