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Shy Boy

Single Review
Secret – Shy Boy

Shy Boy is Secret’s 1st single. It was released on January 6, 2011.

01. Shy Boy
02. No. 1
03. Shy Boy (Inst.)
04. No. 1 (Inst.)

Secret really did a great 360 degree-change with their concept regarding Shy Boy. I didn’t really expect them to make a comeback with a very upbeat concept because of how fierce they were with songs like Magic and Madonna, but I have to say that I fell in love with this track and their concept as well. I think it was time to let the audience see a softer and more jolly side of them, so I really think that their change was very clever. Anyways, talking about the song itself, I’d say that Shy Boy is very catchy. It starts off with a plain beat with some guitar samples which were mixed with the “doo roo wap doo bap doo bap” lines that is enough to get you interested in listening. It’s good from the start, but it gets excellent as it reaches the highlight, which is the chorus. The English lines “You are my Shy Shy Shy Boy” was very infectious. Seriously. Especially when it gets accompanied by the heavy beat and dynamic arrangement, it just sounds so great. I don’t really need to talk about the girls’ vocals since they were great (as always). So yeah. Definitely, this was a pretty refreshing song. Simple. Heavy. Catchy.

No. 1 was cool. It took a more aggressive path than Shy Boy, but it doesn’t get too aggressive. Just like Shy Boy, it was catchy. Especially the chorus, where they blabber a few lines and go back to singing normal words such as “Music makes me high”. I thought the arrangement during the verses needed a little more “mmph” in them, but it doesn’t ruin the song, really. It’s still a very good track.

Favorable Tracks:
Shy Boy, No. 1

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