The Blog
The blog was created on December 25, 2007, because of boredom. Okay, joking. lol. I opened this site because I was inspired to blog by several JPopmusic-reviewing sites. I sucked when I first started, so I deleted everything, and re-opened in may 2008. Until now, my reviewing-skills are still developing, so please forgive me for some mistakes I may commit when I write.

The Author
Name: Josh
Birthdate: 25th of January
Age: 16
Academic Status: A freshmen in college.
Likes: JPop, KPop, TVShows, my friends, mashups, lol-ing.
Dislikes: Know-it-alls, people taking credit of what isn’t theirs.
Hobbies: making mashups, reviewing, listening to music, collecting CDs.

The Changes
If you guys have been reading my blog a lot recently, It has been changing from one theme to another. That’s because I’m currently finding the appropriate look for my blog. I also wanted to change the rating system, so from one time to another, that changes too. So, Sorry for all the confusion. I’ll do the renovation faster.

If you guys are interested in linking the site to your own blog or website, feel free to do so! You can choose a button below, or just simply put the name of this blog to your blogroll. Please inform me if you do link Shuffle and Repeat, so that I can link you back in return! 🙂

Enjoy all the reviews in Shuffle and Repeat! I promise to do my best. 🙂

  1. Hey, there! It’s wjohns from the imperfect angel blog in your blogroll. Just to let you know, I have moved to a new blog, it’s more like a backup blog just in case something happens to one of them.

  2. Hey there! I moved Aesthetic Rhapsody to
    Mind if you change links please? Thanks! 😀

  3. I was just wondering if you wanted to exchange links?


  4. hi! im an avid fan of yours. i really love reading your reviews and your ratings. its so fun to read them. LoL :). i always go to your site once a week, this is a great site. keep up the excellent work josh! (^_^)

  5. Would you like to exchange links?

  6. Would you like you exchange links? I really like your site. (:

    Blog –

  7. Hi, Would you like to exchange links? I blog about j-pop, anime, manga etc on my blog Review Carnival ( I have added the link to your blog on my site (right hand corner-down) and would love it if you did the same.


  8. Hi josh!! Remember about me? Well, I took up again my personal blog and now I decided to start blogging seriously. Well, I would love to exchange links with u!


  9. Hey there, would you like to exchange links?? =]

  10. Dear affie,
    Maybe you noticed my URL isn’t the same anymore. That is because my ex, who used to host my website, decided to become revengeful and so he kicked me out. I can’t update my blog anymore, at least for now. Don’t change my URL yet, you’ll get redirected to a new URL, but since I don’t agree with that one I will change it asap and I really hope I can continue my blog without starting from scratch.

    Love, Jade (MusicAddiction)

  11. Dear affie,
    Me again, to tell you my URL changed to My crappy ex deleted my entire blog, no backups whatsoever =( I had to start all over… So please, change my URL, thank you very much and keep up the good work^^

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