Morning Kiss

Digital Single Review
Kiss Me Five – Morning Kiss

Morning Kiss is Kiss Me Five’s first digital single. It was released on September 28, 2010.

1. Morning Kiss

Catchy Catchy Catchy. I think those three words best describe Morning Kiss. While the arrangement has a very complicated structure, I can say that everything flows in perfectly. All the synthesizers blended well with the semi-heavy beats, and created a fun atmosphere that will surely hook the people with the song. While it didn’t work for me when I first listened to it, I can safely say that I really like it now. Strangely, what convinced me to give the song another shot were the low phased-synths heard at the start. It gave me a feeling that the song itself was purely neat, infectious and something new — and actually, it really is neat, catchy and unique! Although, the synths inside the arrangement reminded me of Katy Perry’s California Girls. lol. What my favorite part comes right after the bridge, where the “whoas” and “ohs” started to appear. But actually, the whole song is pretty nice, so I can say that all parts of the song are my favorites. So Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Morning Kiss is not a bad song. It is very good, and most of you guys will enjoy it. 🙂

Favorable Tracks:
Morning Kiss

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Stop It

Digital Single Review
SWEE:D – Stop It

Just a little introduction. 😀
SWEE:D is a girl-trio from Thailand, managed by KamiKaze, a music-producing company which I’d like to dub as Thailand’s own SM Corporation. lol. But yes, SWEE:D is made up of three girls — MEEN, PIM, and JINNY.

Stop it is SWEE:D’s first digital single. It was released on June 7, 2010.

1. Stop It

Since I’m only a newbie when it comes to Tpop, I’d say that I did not know what to expect with what I was going to hear when I decided to try out SWEE:D. But when I saw their music video for Stop It, I fell in love with the girls & their style. The overall sound of the song is not much different from what we’ve been hearing from KPop these days. The song is beat-driven, and has synths in the background which puts the overall sound close to Kpop. There’s also that catchiness in it that makes it even more identical to KPop.

But focusing on the song, there’s so much color in the arrangement. There’s that sugary sound, but it does not mess up the song just like any other type of “flalala, i’m sweet, sugary, poppy and stuff” song. I actually also am impressed with the voices of the three girls. I don’t find their voices amazing, nor do I find them diva-like. But what I’m impressed with is the fact that they use their kind-of-ordinary vocals forming something amazing. Their voices blend in perfectly, and I must say that it matches the arrangement very well.

Definitely, if you like KPop, or JPop, give SWEE:D a try, and you’ll love ’em too! 🙂

Favorable Tracks:
Stop It

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And yeeees. 😀 There’ll be a change with the way I’ll be reviewing things around this blog. 😀


That is right folks. 🙂 From now on, you shall no longer see new single reviews posted just for uniformity. All the single reviews I have done before will be kept, and they will still be linked with future album reviews. But yes, from now on, I will not follow the single first before album routine anymore. Just as long as I want to review that release, I’ll give it a go! 😀



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Single Review
Kana Nishino – Dear…/MAYBE

Dear…/MAYBE is Kana Nishino’s 8th single. It was released on December 2, 2009, and reached #7 in the oricon charts. It sold a total of 52,441 copies, and charted for more than 12 weeks.

Warning. This review contains lots of comparisons with Kana’s previous single, Motto…. lol.

1. Dear…
3. Yours Only ~maison De M-flo~ feat. WISE

I believed that nothing could ever surpass the epicness level of “Motto…”, which is why I was pretty hesitant to listen to Dear… before. I immediately downloaded the single when it was released just for testing purposes and stuff, hoping that I might like a song or two from it. When Dear… started playing, I just couldn’t believe that I was liking it as much as “Motto…”.

What I truly loved about this song is that it is strong because the whole song itself is very strong, unlike Motto… which sounded so epic just because it was pretty dependent on the catchiness of the chorus lines. Dear… is also a very catchy track, but it doesn’t cross the line. There’s still the other verses which were given the chance to add beauty to the track, and there’s still the structure that doesn’t bore the people out from listening.

When it comes to the arrangement though, Motto… is better. Although, it is better by a very very small border only, since I find the arrangement for this song nice too. The piano which constantly plays in the background blends in perfectly with the violins and beats, added with some winter flavor in it. Once the background vocals and Kana’s own voice overlaps with the arrangement, everything sounds like heaven. It totally is amazing.

Another amazing factor about this song is that the lyrics for the song was crafted creatively. When I say creative though, it’s not like those too poetic ballads that gets on your nerves sometimes because you can’t really understand what it’s trying to tell you. Modern instances are used in the lyrical composition of the song, which is good since it’s message will not really be hard to get & digest. At the same time, the lyrics are very youth-friendly since the lyrics are written in the point of view of a teenager.

But whenever your name lights up from my cell,
you always let me know that I am never alone.

“I’m doing fine” — I’d be lying if I said that
But because of you I can say that — “It’s going to be alright”

The other A-side, MAYBE is an excellent track as well. It is upbeat, jumpy, and it sounds so fresh. The synths+piano combination worked out pretty well, and I have to say that it suited Kana’s voice really well. It is very catchy too, especially when the english lines just like “just wanna be the one” come out.

Yours only, is something that came from an m-flo tribute compilation. Kana covered Yours only, originally released in 2001 as a single. I normally would like these types of songs, especially since Kana was singing it, but I felt that when Kana was singing the verses, flavor lacks from the arrangement. But the chorus was there to save it, as well as WISE’s less annoying rap. (OH REALLY?! WISE’s rap is now less annoying?! Yes, I’m quite surprised too. lol.) Still, I think this is a very nice R&B track, and a very refreshing one too!

Is it just me who thinks that this is the best single released for the to LOVE era? Because seriously, I thought that all three songs were mind-blowing, and they were comletely the type of songs that I wanted from Kana. With that said, I think Dear…/MAYBE is a strong single. All songs in it connected with each other, and they were all amazing in their own way. Definitely recommended.

Favorable Tracks:
Dear…, MAYBE, Yours only.

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melody ~SOUNDS REAL~

Single Review
ayaka – melody ~Sounds Real~

melody ~SOUNDS REAL~ is ayaka’s 2nd single. It was released on May 10, 2006, and reached #14 on the oricon weekly charts. It sold a total of 24,466 copies, and charted for 9 weeks.

1. melody
2. Blue Days
3. melody -Live Version-
4. Sha・la・la -Live Version-
5. Blue Days -Live Version-

I thought it was nice that ayaka tried something different for her 2nd single. The change of atmosphere and pace was a good idea, because she showed that she could do upbeat songs too, rather than just ballads. But actually, I’m not happy with melody. I have to say that I don’t like it that much. While I think that the backing track was nice, I found ayaka’s voice here to be really annoying. The way she sings yells “melodeeeh” during the chorus annoys me so much. It makes me want to hit her with a brick. I wish I could say that the song was outstanding or at least great, but I’m sorry, it really just isn’t.

Now here’s what I love. When I first listened to First Message (ayaka’s debut album), Blue Days was one of those tracks that got me by the first listen. I just love the slow and easy atmosphere of the song because it puts me to a very calm state. It’s really relaxing. The guitar arrangement was just amazing, and once ayaka started singing, it got even better.

The single comes with live versions of 3 ayaka tracks, melody, Sha la la, and Blue Days.

  • At first, I thought I was going to like the live version of melody better than the original, but actually, I still don’t like it. “melodeeeh” still annoys me.
  • Sha la la’s live version was alright for me. I still prefer the original version because it sounds fuller and brighter.
  • Out of these three, I love the live version of Blue Days best. While the studio version was relaxing enough, this live version gets even calmer, with only the guitar backing up ayaka’s vocals.

Favorable Tracks:
Blue Days

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My Music

Single Review
Kim Yeo Hee – My Music

For those who don’t know Kim Yeo Hee, she is a Korean singer who recently debuted with this release. She was discovered through a video in YouTube featuring her cover of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. In the said video, she is playing the instrumental using an Apple iphone, which is the reason why she is reffered to by many people as “Apple Girl”.

My Music is the debut single of YouTube sensation Kim Yeo Hee. It was released on May 27, 2010 under Dream High Entertainment.

01. My Music
02. Don’t fall in love
03. You (More Than Forever)

It took a few listens before I truly loved My Music. At first, I just thought of it as something nice, but not overwhelming. What I was very very impressed with that time though, was her singing voice. It sounds so natural, and the way she reaches all those high notes was just unbelievable. But yes, I now think that My Music is a very good song. It has its own share of catchy parts, and there were unique instruments thrown in to the arrangement. The rap section of the track is my personal favourite part of the song, since it sums up the entire message of the track, and because of the catchy manner she delivered it with.

Don’t fall in love is another amazing track from this release. The whole song arrangement reminds me of Gummy’s  There Is No Love, and a few other powerful love tracks. Kim Yeo Hee’s vocals in this track sound so realistic and so full of emotion, as if what she’s singing about really happens to her. The background vocals also help add more emotion to the track, which pulls the listener closer and closer to the song.

My favourite track off this release is You (More Than Forever). It is catchy, easy-going, and carries the atmosphere that I like most with mid-tempo ballads. The way she sings the “You!” line in the chorus is just so catchy that it makes you want to sing instantly with her. The arrangement was amazing in my opinion, since it had some really relaxing elements with it that go EXTREMELY well with the breathy background.

Considering the fact that My Music is only Kim Yeo Hee’s first release, It’s a pretty amazing one. I even consider it as one of the stronger debut releases this year. Just by listening to a track or two, You can sense through them that Kim Yeo Hee prepared so much for this release, since everything sounds right and the arrangements are polished. If one was to try her out though, I suggest that they listen to My Music first since it completely shows what kind of artist she really is.

With what I said through this whole review, My Music is RECOMMENDED. 🙂

Favorable Tracks:
You (More Than Forever), My Music, Don’t fall in love.

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to Mother

Single Review
YUI – to Mother

to Mother is YUI’s 17th single. It was released on June 02, 2010. It reached #1 in the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold a total of 89,554 copies, making it the 78th best-selling single of 2010 in Japan.

1. to Mother
2. Tonight
3. GLORIA ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. to Mother ~Instrumental~

I am going to cut the ears of all those people who say “I hate this song because it shows a different YUI.” or “I now hate YUI because this song sucks”. Why? It’s because obviously, they are deaf.

to Mother is an excellent song, and it’s her best A-side for is era. To think that it’s her first time releasing a piano-based song, I need to congratulate her because she totally nailed it. The piano background suits her soft vocals, and they certainly set a very easy feeling. The lyrical composition carries a sweet message, which created the very warm atmosphere the song had all over. The song itself is very similar to TOKYO except for the instrumentals, since TOKYO has an acoustic guitar arrangement. Definitely, right after listening to to Mother, it has now become one of my favorite YUI songs.

Tonight is the complete opposite of the A-side. It’s wild, completely energized, and heavy-sounding arrangement is just crazy, but Fun at the same way. It’s kinda like rolling star, but a bit more polished in my opinion. The catchy “fun fun lalala” lines during the chorus are seriously addictive, and so are the various English words used for the song. I wish it could have been longer since it is very short, clocking in at just 2:39.

I think that the YUI Acoustic Version of GLORIA was nice. I honestly liked it better than the original since YUI’s vocals weren’t annoying like in the “ah ah ah ah ah ahhh’s” of the original version.

All in all, I think the whole single was excellent. You have an awesome B-side, a good acoustic track, and an extremely amazing A-side. What else could you ask for? Lol.

Favorable Tracks:
to Mother, Tonight

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